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There is always something to do, and our guide in Bishkek covers everyone. This museum presents traditional culture and theatres that perform local and worldwide performances - famous plays and shows.

Our visit to Bishkek travel guide and documentary includes all the top sights, including the main sights of the city such as the Kyrgyz National Museum, the Museum of Art and Culture and the State Museum. We also cover activities you won't find in other parts of the country, such as national parks, museums, cafes, restaurants and much more.

There are many Neolithic artifacts, including the Saimaluu - Tash petroglyphs, that are worth seeing if you plan to go there. There are a number of sights that are included in the tour, such as the Petrochemical Museum, which is a must see on your trip to Issyk - Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan. This site is technically not Soviet, but due to its proximity to the city of Bishkek and its historical significance it is part of our tour.

This cosy museum is dedicated to Soviet sculptors from Russia who moved to Kyrgyzstan in the 1920s. The museum, which is dedicated to Kyrgyz folk and applied arts, begins with the State Picture Gallery and is located next to the Russian-Soviet Art Museum.

In summer, the museum offers free guided tours, which are a great way to learn more about nomadic culture. Kyrgyzstan also offers a late-night program when it is open late, offering master classes, lectures and special exhibitions. The museum has had enormous success in recent years, especially with the launch of a new exhibition on the history of nomadism in Kyrgyzstan.

For foreign guests, the museum allows them to understand Soviet and Kyrgyz art at a glance, and many visitors also like being presented by a foreign government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The permanent collection is kept in the Gallery of the Union of Artists, which today houses the Russian Orthodox Park of St. Nicholas. There is a small museum building that contains historical information as well as artifacts. The museum was built in 1974 for the collection and houses a collection of over 1,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and other artifacts from the Soviet Union.

The museum hosts many art exhibitions, including exhibitions of works by foreign artists. The museum's treasures include a collection of over 1,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and other Soviet artifacts, as well as applied arts. This museum (sometimes called Gapar Aytiev Museum of Applied Arts) is dedicated to the exhibition of works of applied art from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Belarus.

If you are interested in the artistic and cultural side of Kyrgyzstan, you should visit this museum and get an idea of the collection yourself. When exploring Bishkek, stop for a pipe and explore the State Historical Museum as you explore. Most of the exhibits are in Kyrgyz and Russian, so it is worth hiring an interpreter or museum guide.

The Zoological Museum has a slightly musty ambience and suffers from a lack of money, but the permanent collection is worth a visit for short-term tourists to Bishkek. A short visit is informative and rewarding, but I find that it is very rarely visited by the residents. It is worth spending a few hours exploring the galleries, preferably with a guide, as most of the exhibits are only labelled in Russian and Kyrgyz.

When I was in Bishkek, I had many sights, but one of them should have been the State History Museum. When I came to Kyrgyzstan, the first city I visited was BISCHKEK, and if you are nostalgic, you cannot beat it. There are not many attractions to visit, except Archa National Park, which is well worth a short walk in the forest or a visit to the National Museum of History and Culture.

The museum shows the history of Kyrgyzstan from the beginning of its history to the present day and has an excellent and inexpensive souvenir shop selling a wide range of historical and cultural objects and souvenirs. There is also a linocut from Hertzen to Manas epic and a large collection of photographs of the history and culture of Bishkek, including some of the most interesting, such as the above, the famous photo of Kadyrov and his family.

If you are a tourist in Kyrgyzstan, Hostel Inn is the best hotel in Bishkek and one of the most popular hotels in the country. Most museums have a large collection of souvenir shops with a wide range of historical and cultural objects and souvenirs.

This small museum is run by the National Academy, which displays various flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan, including a decent collection of birds "eggs and butterflies. This museum, housed in the Academy of Sciences, has 100,000-year-old finds. The Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, housed in a building belonging to the Academy of Sciences, is a museum housed in the grounds of an old museum with over 100 000 years of artefacts from the past.

More About Bishkek

More About Bishkek