Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Best Western Hotel

One of the best places to stay for the first time is to have something for all types of travellers. It is a family run hostel near the beautiful lake where you can not only visit the Museum of Rock Carvings, but also enjoy the beach. If you want to spend a fun holiday with your family, we recommend you to visit Burona, Issyk Kul and the lake. There are many fantastic areas for families to explore and spend with children, so this is one of them.

So greet a local taxi, drive up and drive to one of the most beautiful mountains in Kyrgyzstan, the Ala Too Mountains. The mountain exerts a magnetic effect and there is nothing like it in the world, with its snow-capped Kyrgyz Ala mountains and the beautiful mountains of Bishkek.

The bus stops in the east and west are on the same side of the main street of Bishkek, Bebe Avenue, from where you can reach other Kyrgyz cities such as Osh and Karakol. The journey takes about 4 hours and if you are coming from Almaty, Kazakhstan, it is about an hour and a half.

You can also easily hire a taxi from your hostel or hotel, which is more convenient as it does not have to wait for you to find your way back. Once you reach the airport, hotels in Bishkek offer airport transfers to make the 35 km journey much easier, especially if your flight leaves at crazy times in the morning. To prevent such difficulties, some pensions organize taxis that will take you directly to your hotel at any time of the day.

A taxi ride from your hotel to Pishpek or Promzona usually costs only half, although some companies have to pay a night surcharge.

The Plaza Hotel Bishkek is one of the most expensive hotels in the city, costing $880 per night. A single room costs $130, which is good value for money, but the rooms do not quite meet Hyatt standards. If you fancy a treat, a two-night stay at the Hotel Plaza in Pishpek or Promzona costs $880 per night, and rates start at $155 for two nights in a three-star hotel.

There are no new options, but there are some nearby, such as Bishkek International Airport, Hotel Pishpek and Plaza Hotel Promzona.

A small hotel where you can make a good impression, with an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff who can help you with almost any travel planning requirement. One such guest house with the best reputation is the Bishkek International Airport Guesthouse, Hotel Pishpek and Hotel Promzona, both in the city centre.

Travelers who prefer this brand can choose to stay at the Hyatt Regency to enjoy the luxurious services of the hotel and the high-quality amenities of the hotel itself.

Before we proceed with this guide, we will note that we do not recommend investing your money in Sheraton or Hyatt. If you stay at a chain-run hotel, make sure you invest your dollars in other small businesses during your time in Bishkek. There is not much chance of finding something on this list that suits you well, but I will be happy to make alternative suggestions. If you are looking for hotels in and around BISCHKEK, the best option is probably to search for them in hotels and hostels.

The KOK ART Hotel Jalal Abad is located in the countryside, quite far from Arslanbob, but has a nice view of the city centre and a good number of restaurants and cafés. This hotel wins because it is located in the same area as Bishkek International Airport, a popular destination for tourists. The location of the hotel on the corner of Bob Arslan and Kok ART Road is an interesting choice.

Just 30 minutes outside Bishkek, this national park is a great destination for people who have little time in Kyrgyzstan. It is about an hour's drive from the trail and is full of various attractions, hikes and sights that bring tourists from all over the world every year.

You can join a tour with the Trekking Union of Kyrgyzstan at a very affordable price or do the tour alone or you can do something in the city center. If you are planning a hiking trip or a yurt stay, you should definitely visit Community Based Tourism in Kyrgyzstan (CBT) to make it as easy as possible. Navat Hotel offers a wide range of amenities including a gym, fitness centre, indoor pool and spa.

The beauty of Bishkek is that whether you are longing for nature or not, there is a wide range of possibilities in the city centre and you can stay in any hotel in Bishkek without running out of options. You can explore the scenic Ala Archa National Park in the Tian Shan Mountains, hike in the mountains of the Kyrgyz capital Osh or enjoy a yurt stay, both fantastic options for all budgets. Below are some of our favorite places to stay during the day in and around BISCHKEK.

More About Bishkek

More About Bishkek