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Today is actually the last day of Kyrgyzstan and I am back in Bishkek for a few days before I leave the country to shoot some Kyrgyz food videos. This is part of my video series "Journey Kyrgyzstan," which shows some of the best restaurants and drinks in the capital and other parts of Kyrgyzstan. Come and order my favourite cuisine from Kyrskyz, including Bibbe, Baklava, Kibbek, Makbak, Tuk - tak and Kyber, to name just a few.

If you want to cook your own food, there is a bazaar market where a variety of food from different parts of Kyrgyzstan and other countries is offered. You will forget about the food in different Indian states and prepare one dish after another to give you an authentic taste of the country.

Mutton is the most common, but meat is found everywhere, unlike in the US, where it is usually in the middle of the plate and served in large quantities. You can find shashlik made from beef, chicken, liver or even pork, and you can get Kyrgyz food in restaurants and also order Chinese dishes influenced by noodles. If you are trying to find a host family, you may need to try some of these options at your home club.

Shashlik is as easy as grilling meat on a skewer, and it is found everywhere in Kyrgyzstan. If you are a fan of grilled, skewered meat, this is a must - try dishes when visiting Kyrgyzstan, especially if you visit the capital Bishkek or any other city in the country.

Russian dishes like shchi borsh are everywhere, but you don't have to delve into fakir, which is known for its latecomers (and with good reason). The interior of the main restaurant is much less character and the basic food is the same as in other restaurants in Bishkek, except for some specialties such as the Bok Choy.

Some Russians eat all kinds of food in the form of pasta, but I personally am not a big fan, so I am glad that the people of Kyrgyzstan find good food to try. A very popular pasta dish, which can be served with chips or soup, is Etaen soup, or "soup" for the Kyrgyz. I ate it a few weeks ago in a restaurant in Bishkek with my family and friends, and it is one of the best dishes you can find in this part of the city when you try it.

After spending several weeks in Uzbekistan, I noticed how diverse the food in Kyrgyzstan is and how it has a homemade charm. I came to Bishkek to cover the World Nomad Games without knowing anything about Kyrgyz cuisine, and it was refreshing in many ways.

The colorful atmosphere seems to be designed to make way for photogenic Instagrammers, and Plov, Shashlyk and Samsas can be found in every corner of Bishkek, even in the most remote parts of the city.

The food found in Kyrgyzstan is linked to the nomadic traditions of the country, but is also influenced by the culture and traditions of other parts of Central Asia such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. As a result, it has absorbed many of the different cultures and ethnic groups with which it came into contact, and although many courts are common in Central Asia, it is possible to find examples that have been preserved in their original form. This includes some common dishes found throughout Kyrgyzstan, introduced to the country by neighbouring countries or groups of people. If you want to learn how to cook it yourself, you will find many recipes for it that you can prepare at home, as well as recipes from other countries.

Moreover, Bishkek is a very multicultural city, where you can taste a wide variety of dishes of different ethnic groups and ethnicities. These multicultural cities have some of the best restaurants where you can taste traditional Kyrgyz cuisine, as well as restaurants from other countries.

Everyone wants to eat here because the food on the menu is incredibly delicious, prepared with fresh ingredients, the service is fast and the prices are quite reasonable.

This incomplete guide covers all the places and dishes I discovered and traversed during my nine months in the Kyrgyz capital. This is an introduction to a culinary tour of Bishkek at the beginning of your visit, and I hope you enjoy the trip and gather many delicious impressions. I finished my intro to Kyrgyz cuisine for you, dear food traveler, but I will leave that to you. Besides listing the best restaurants in BISCHKEK here, I also dedicated one of my trips to Bishedkek to food.

I have tasted all the traditional dishes I have eaten in the last three weeks and am very happy with how long I have been in the country.

More About Bishkek

More About Bishkek