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In this article about Kyrgyzstan's tourist attractions, you will find information on how to organize a trip to Kyrgyzstan, including details about the best travel times and some of the best attractions. We also cover some activities not found in other countries, such as hiking and horse riding in Kyr Gypsies. Our visit to Bishkek travel guide and documentary cover the top sights including the main sights of the city and the most popular tourist spots of the country, as well as the local culture and history.

Learn more about the huge green park, which offers several attractions for children and families as well as some of the city's most popular tourist attractions.

Another wonderful thing in Kyrgyzstan is visiting Barskoon Falls and Manzhil Ata, which is great when combined with a day hike in the city. Another popular excursion, Issyk Kul, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bishkek, and it only takes a few hours to follow the sights. There are also many other majestic destinations you can visit in other towns and cities, as well as Activities that need to be done throughout the country, such as horseback riding on Song Kul Lake or hiking on the Kyrgyz mountains around it. If you plan to do a day hike somewhere outside the cities, you should visit the famous Issyakul mountain range, the second highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest.

If you are not interested in any of the other Bishkek sights mentioned above, you can replace them with a visit to the Osh Bazaar. Afterwards you will spend one or two nights in Osh and visit all the sights of the city and its surroundings before flying back to BISCHKEK.

Bishkek can be visited in a day or two, but there are so many other destinations in the country that I would not advise you to stay there too long. If you have only one day in BISCHEKI, I will present you your itinerary in detail and visit all of them in detail below.

The first stop is Panfilov Park, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bishkek and the second largest park in the country. Kyrgyzstan's history is on display, and many collections here are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Unlike many other countries that were formerly part of the USSR, Kyrgyzstan (and BISCHKEK) is very different from the rest of Russia and China.

If you want to visit the lake, you can take a trip to the town of Karakol, which is located somewhere between the huge lake and the mountains of the country.

There is also a huge flagpole with Kyrgyz flag and a number of museums, parks and monuments that illustrate the history of the country and its cultural heritage. There, guests can take a trip to the Bishkek National Park, a museum, park and monument that illustrates the historical and cultural importance of this country and its history. With over 1.5 million hectares, the National Park is the largest and most famous of its kind in the world.

The mountains offer a number of hiking and trekking trails, as well as a variety of mountain biking and hiking trails. The mountains are bordered by Bishkek National Park, Kyrgyzstan National Park and the mountains of the country.

A visit to the Soviet sanatorium Issyk - Ata is an easy day trip from the capital, and you can also hike through Kyrgyzstan by passing by the lake on your way to Karakol. Hike in Ala - Archa National Park, hike in the Alamedin Gorge, admire the beautiful mountains of Bishkek National Park or the country's picturesque mountain ranges. The great day trips to Bishkek make it a great place to visit the old town and the Soviet "sanatoriums" of Isskoye and Ata.

If you want to have a picnic on the weekend, you can also visit the Ala - Archa National Park, which is only a short walk from the city center.

If you want to know more about eagle hunting, the tourist office in Bokonbaevo - Karakol is the best place to inquire if you would like to do it there. If you are someone who loves art history, this is a must - visit place in Bishkek. Information on how to reach this place and what to do there can be found in our list of activities in and around BISCHKEK.

Ala Too Square (formerly known as Lenin Square) is one of the most important places in Bishkek. If you want to visit the Soviet jewels listed above, you must be in Ala. Too square, formerly known as "Lenin Square."

There is not much to see, but the Archa National Park is worth it and there is much to see. If you are nostalgic, you cannot miss Bishkek for a trip to the old Soviet Union. Known for its stone and brick buildings and its well-planned architecture, there are many places in BISCHKEK that will make your trip worthwhile. There is still much to do, but before you know it, not much is out of sight.

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More About Bishkek