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On November 27, the first exhibition "Union of Bishkek Art Museum and National Art Museum in St. Petersburg," a collection of works by artists from the country, was opened in Kyrgyzstan.

This event is intended to highlight Kyrgyzstan's cultural diversity and heritage. This has angered some women, with conservative nationalists in the Central Asian country saying the exhibition and appearance at the event violated Kyrgyz ethical codes. At a meeting with Minister Asamat Dzhamankulov, activists resented a performance in which a naked girl crossed the hall and dressed, saying: "A woman has the right to choose what she wants to do with her own body. The performance was intended to make the audience believe that a woman's body is not the object of a trade in other people's property.

When one of the activists, Ilimbek Israilov, came to the museum on December 3, he said: "It is a man's parents who raise a woman. One group said naked women should not be exhibited in museums and that this was not art. Now, art experts from around the world have joined the argument that artworks should be viewed separately from artists. They are concerned about Kyrgyzstan's cultural heritage, but also about art itself.

The starving can never see high ideas and stand up for the rights of the weak, "says Sumsarbek Mamyraly, an entrepreneur from Bishkek. Only then can we see art as protection for the weak, says Mamyralsy. The second reason is my opinion: the economic and political structures do not support us, says the entrepreneur. We cannot react and fight back, we cannot react to them and we do not support them.

The most convenient way is to employ women and LGBT people, but even sex workers have the right to do what they want, Kapalova says. However, we should bear in mind that this is dangerous: even if a work of art provokes, it must be positively fulfilled. Even if it is created by people with moral views that contradict those generally accepted, there is no doubt that it is art.

According to Kyrgyzstan's state migration service, women earn less than men. Domestic violence is not uncommon among women in the country of 6 million, despite their strong presence in the labour force and equal rights to education and other opportunities. In recent years, women have also been attacked by self-proclaimed patriotic and nationalist groups such as Kyrk Choro, which emerged in 2010.

The group's critics, most of them men, complained to the Minister of Culture, Azamat Shamankulov, who willingly met with the group and allegedly told them that he, too, did not support holding such events. Kyrk Choro and other groups also threatened participants in a gay pride parade in Bishkek in March 2019, condemning the officials for allowing the parade.

Just three days later, the Ministry of Culture appointed Zhangaracheva's former deputy Aigul Mambetkazieva as the new museum director. After the meeting, she said she had decided to step down at the request of her culture minister.

The centre of Bishkek is surrounded by brutalist architecture, flanked by the main square of the city and the main entrance to the museum, the "Museum of Art and Culture." The museum was built in the artist's birthplace and features a collection of more than 1,000 works of art from around the world as well as photographs.

I often hear travellers complaining that it's boring, that there's not much to do, and that's a big part of why I love it. After my time in Central Asia and numerous trips here, I always feel at home.

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According to the organizers, the primary goal of the project is to investigate the economic freedom of women through works of art that take different forms. The aim was to show, with the means of art, that these themes exist in society. Despite the criticism, many people, including many parents and children, visit the exhibition and admire the artworks, Zhangaracheva said. This article is part of an article prepared for Voice for Driving Change in the Borderland Steppes Project as part of the Giving Steppees project.

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More About Bishkek